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Frontier Log Cabins
18381 Thompson Ridge Rd.
Laurelville, Ohio 43135
The Hocking Hills area of Southeast Ohio is a mecca for outdoor and nature enthusiasts throughout the four seasons. The Hocking Hills State Park offers an opportunity to escape to deep, water-carved gorges, sparkling waterfalls, glacier-etched rock formations and the ever-changing display of color and beauty.

Frontier Log Cabins rentals are located in the thick of Ohio's HockingHills action and attractions.  We are easily accessible, but far-removed from the stresses of everyday life!

Available in your cabin:
  Natural Remedies in cabin massage - 740-407-2814 (website)
  Blue Valley in cabin massage 1-888-74peace  (website)   
  The Ridge Inn Restaurant in cabin dining available - 740-332-0300 (website)
  Grouse Nest traveling Chef   740-332-4501 (website)
Activities at your cabin and on the property:
Hiking trails, stocked fishing pond, bird watching, wildlife viewing, just relaxing !!!!
Just minutes from your cabin in the Hocking Hills woods you'll discover a variety of activities and attractions, including Hocking Hills State Park, Old Man's Cave, Cedar Falls, Ash Cave, Conkle's Hollow, Rock House and Cantwell Cliffs.

Hiking and Backpacking
Hocking Hills State Park Trails are open Year Round from dawn to dusk.
Old Mans Cave, Ash Cave, Conkles Hollow, Cantwell Cliffs, Cedar Falls, Rock House,
and Tar Hollow State Park (view map for details of each location)
Zip Line
Hocking Hills Canopy Tours 740-385-ZIPS (website)
Valley Zip line Tours 740-654-3392 (website)

Lake Logan Boat Rentals - 740-380-9233 (website)
Outdoor Drama
Tecumseh Outdoor drama - 740-775-0700  (website
Train Adventures
Hocking Valley Scenic Railway 800-967-7834  (website)
Golf Adventures
Brass Ring Golf Course  740-385-3806 (website)

Hocking Hills Market  (website)  
Wind Chime, Candle and Christmas Shops
  740-385-9357 (website)    
Rocky Boot Outlet 740-753-3130 (website)     
Hocking Hills Craft Mall
  12801 St.Rt.664 S Logan 740-385-9039  
Hocking House 740-385-4166   (website)
Columbus Washboard   740-380-3828  (website)       
Ruby’s Country Cupboard  
    16734 St.Rt. 374 Laurelville 740-385-9696               
Scenic Way Gifts 740-596-1913 (website)  
Nelsonville Pottery 740-753-1285 (website)    
Grandma Fayes Grocery and Gifts 740-385-9466
Rempels Grove (website
Hocking River 800-634-6820 (website
Hocking Hills Adventures 800-686-0386  (website)

Horseback Riding
Blue Moon Acres - 740-380-6230  (website)
Happy Trails - 740-380-6372   (website)      
Smoke Rise Ranch - 800-292-1732 (website)                   
Spotted Horse Ranch - 877-992-7433  (website)

Saddle Up on a Harley Adventure
Hocking Hills Motorcycle Ranch 740-385-4467 (website)

Listing of Other Activities
Stuarts Opera House 740-753-1924 (website)   
Tecumseh Out Door Drama - 1-866-775-0700 (website)     
Lilyfest   (website)      
Touch of Earth Adventures  740-591-9094 (website)        
Air Plane Rides - 740-380-2031 (website)      
Hocking Hills Tourism Association  (website)     
Blue Ribbon Lodging (website)      

Variety of Unique Dining
The Ridge In Restaurant   740-332-0300 (website)       
Laurelville Steve’s Pizza   740-332-4308
Laurelville delivery to your cabin Old Town Diner 740-332-6041
Laurelville Millstone BBQ  - 740-385-5341 (website)            
Logan Hocking Hills Dining Lodge located
    at Old mans Cave state park area.      
Olde Dutch Restaurant - 740-385-1000 (website)                 
Jack's Steak House - 740-385-9909   (website)         
South Bloomingville Tavern 740-332-4351(website)          
Jimbo’s  Bar and Grill South Bloomingville 740-332-6550    
Sandstone Restaurant - Logan 740-385-9479  
Grouse Nest Restaurant 740-332-4501 (website)   
P: 740-332-6747
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